About Me

I am an accomplished, well-regarded educator in the US and internationally. I work with both children and adults. Before teaching, I spent time as a graphic designer and art director. 

I am no stranger to challenging societal norms. After, some major upsets in my life, I decided to flip the script. I was done with what wasn’t working. So, I sold my entire life to follow my dream to live and teach abroad while seeking out living my Life Meant©. A phrase I coined that would encompass the path of growth and self-development that has brought me happiness, adventure, new-found success, and incredible new friendships. It’s the life I envisioned for myself.

But, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. It was hard. However, it allowed me to find my true purpose. This led me to dedicate my life to coaching women and girls ages 8 to 88 in understanding that we can let go of fear and self-doubt and custom design the life of our dreams – a Life Meant©

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