Monthly Archives: January 2014


Nostalgia. Memories of happiness flit through my mind as I sort through the items in my home. I began to wonder why people keep so many little things. Reminders, gifts, and notes filling special boxes or a file that allow us to dance among our memories – calling special people to mind, warming our heart, or reminding us of that special […]

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Why do I have so much stuff?

The amount of trivial things one collects in just 10 years is astonishing. Is this where all my money has gone? Seriously, when you reevaluate your life, you come to realize half the stuff you have accumulated is dispensable or merely superfluous.  I have stuff I haven’t touched in years. It was bought because I […]

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100 Goals in 100 weeks…

After being inspired by Ian Usher who sold his life on eBay in 2008, I decided a few months back that life changes were in order. It wasn’t until I saw Ian Usher’s TEDTalk in November of 2013, that I was inspired to act. He discussed a “Life Unlimited” and what limits you to reaching your […]

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