100 Goals in 100 weeks…

After being inspired by Ian Usher who sold his life on eBay in 2008, I decided a few months back that life changes were in order. It wasn’t until I saw Ian Usher’s TEDTalk in November of 2013, that I was inspired to act. He discussed a “Life Unlimited” and what limits you to reaching your dreams. It is time to stop making excuses and go for it!

To start off, I really had to take a long hard look at my life. Was I truly happy? Sure I have a fantastic career that I worked hard for, a fabulous home, friends, and I live in a tropical climate. But was it really what I wanted? As it turns out, no, I am bored out of my mind. I seek adventure – not repetition year, after year, after year. Some people find comfort in that type of security. (Don’t get me wrong…it’s nice.) I find the repetition mind numbing boring.

So, I thought looooooooong and hard about what I really wanted. I revisited dreams and goals from the past and present. Then I thought about the future. When you let go of limits and fear of the unknown, anything is possible. Again inspired by Ian Usher’s 100 Goals, I began my list. This is not a bucket list, it’s a I’m “DOING IT NOW” list. Here’s the first goal.

Number 1: Create a blog that journals the experience.

Hey welcome to my blog!!!!!

Living the life I was meant to live,

4 thoughts on “100 Goals in 100 weeks…

    1. How do I see your blog?


  1. So glad you told us when you did! Hope you have the best experience ever! Talk soon! And love you forever! Jackie and Michael!


  2. Hi Amy, Came across your blog and wish you lots of luck with your “Do It Now” list. Always very flattered when someone takes inspiration from my story. I’ve shared your link with my SM network. Let me know what’s on your list of goals and if there’s any more help I can offer.
    Best wishes, Ian
    p.s. glad you enjoyed the TEDx talk – I’m looking forward to doing more of these.


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