Nostalgia. Memories of happiness flit through my mind as I sort through the items in my home. I began to wonder why people keep so many little things. Reminders, gifts, and notes filling special boxes or a file that allow us to dance among our memories – calling special people to mind, warming our heart, or reminding us of that special trip.

As I sifted through my box, I held a rock in my hand and stared in disbelief. I thought, isn’t that what memories are for? Letting out a snarky chuckle,  the saying ‘paint a picture, it lasts longer’ insulted my train of thought, forcing my hand to chuck it in the trash.

Once you resign yourself to letting things go, minimizing your life becomes easy. Value the memory, not the object. Besides, when your 80, will you really care one those objects or keepsakes? No! Because you won’t remember that you don’t remember anymore. CHUCK IT ALLLLLLLLL!!!

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