Recruitment with Sponsorship

In terms of sponsorship, we can help teachers get into schools that can offer sponsorship.

Jen Brown
Overseas Recruitment Manager
Hourglass Education

I had to read the email twice. Was it finally going to happen? No Way!!!!Wait….yeeeeeeesssss!!!!! A smile washed over my face while my body erupted into celebration reminiscent of a lotto winner who found their lost winning ticket under the dresser. “YES! YES! YES!” I shouted. At that moment, I realized their were 18 little faces staring at me like I was a loon. “Ummmmmm…” It was all I could manage out of my shocked state. The moment was bitter sweet. The kids knew what I was waiting for. Suddenly, a sense of sadness washed over me, knowing I was leaving them behind.

For the past eight years, I have spent every waking moment dedicating my life to educating underprivileged children. I once made a vow to change the world one child at a time – instilling a love for the written word. Now it’s time to expand that dream to children in the UK.

The next waiting game begins. This has to be the biggest challenge I have ever sought after. With fingers crossed, I wait for the offers to come.

Thank you Hourglass Education for taking me on as a client. Thank you for helping make my dream come true. London….I’m coming!!! Although, I may have to wait till next year!

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