New Chapter, Not Goodbye!

I really grew to love my Florida “Salt Life.” Bidding it farewell was tough. I’ll miss the salty soft air of a sea breeze, the sunshine on one side of the street but not the other, and the endless white sandy beaches that traipses it way into the car and house. But, I will miss the people I have met the most.

My friends became like family, as I already lived away from my hometown of Chicago. For the last several weeks, I have spent time with my friends, saying many goodbyes. However, All these goodbyes somehow don’t feel like goodbyes. It’s more like see you later. Over the last 8 years of living in Florida, I have been so lucky to build lasting friendships.

“You are forever characters ingrained in the pages of my life”
                                   Amy O’Meara

I know that this is really not the end of my days in Florida. I will be back again. The Tampa Bay Area has become my home away from home. In a way, it has always felt like home because I traveled there since I was three.

me and gramps 1st fish

My grandparents spent every winter in Florida since I can remember. When I was four, I caught my first fish off the old Clearwater Beach Causeway with my grandpa. At the time, they would stay at The Traveler’s Motel on Clearwater Beach which still exists today. I even bought my first home in Clearwater. Over the years, I have built many memories and shared amazing times with friends and family.

I will really never be able to say goodbye to Florida because it will always be like home to me. Instead I will say, “See you Later!” After a few life adventures and a few new chapters, I plan to resume my “Salt Life.” Until then, I bid Florida a fine farewell.

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