Officially an Expat!! #LifeMeant

I have waited seven very long months for this adventure to begin and years to travel the world. FINALLY!!!!!! The day has arrived. I am officially an expatriate of the United States.

I will spend a fabulous week in England before heading off to my new life in Bahrain to teach at Riffa Views International School. 

While working there, I will use all my time off to travel the world. September will take me to Sri Lanka. At Winter break, I will be in Paris to celebrate Christmas. From there, I will take the Chunnel from Paris to London to celebrate the new year London style. The world is now my playground.

Today, August 8, 2015, I begin the new chapter of international living. I can’t wait to share the adventures!! 

Go find your #LifeMeant! It’s never too late!!!

7 thoughts on “Officially an Expat!! #LifeMeant

  1. Welcome to Bahrain.

  2. Always wanted to do this, hope you have fun.

  3. Sounds exciting! I’ve thought about teaching abroad but don’t want to leave my dog behind. 😕 look forward to reading your posts though!

    1. Many international teachers bring their pets. Every country has different rules as to how they come over. Also it’s your cost.

      1. We looked at China, but from what we read, apparently they don’t allow Bulldogs. 😔

  4. We seem to be on a similar path… just arrived this week in Cairo to being teaching and in Sept we are headed to Sri Lanka as well. Best of luck and enjoy yourself.

    1. Perhaps I will see you in Sri Lanka!

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