It’s Time! Bound for Bahrain #LifeMeant

The moment has arrived. I am filled with many emotions – excitement, joy, and a small bit of the nerves, but not much. The thrill of finally reaching the goal of living and working abroad outweighs any other emotions. This adventure will forever change me. I welcome it with open arms.

“All great things start from one idea,” has been a life motto for years. This whole crazy journey began with just an idea. The quote below has kept me focused to reach this moment. 

In order to be, you must do. All great things start from that one idea.That one step. That one adventure. That one dream.

To adventure is to find yourself whole. To adventure is to have a story at the end of all this. 

The places you see, the things you make, and the people you meet will fuel you forever.

Choose to see beauty where others see none. And strive for greatness, always.

We want to inspire you to do more, be more, to feel good lost and explore always.

This whole idea of flipping your life upside down to find your #LifeMeant has not been easy. But, like it says above, “The places you see, the things you make, and the people you meet will fuel your forever.” 

Goodbye old life, hello #LifeMeant! My next post will be from Bahrain. 

6 thoughts on “It’s Time! Bound for Bahrain #LifeMeant

  1. Have a safe trip! Looking forward to reading your future posts from Bahrain!

  2. Beautiful post! My situation is similar to yours. I’m from the states, currently in Australia, and about to move to China. I believe life should always be an adventure.

    Congratulations on following your dreams!

  3. Waiting to welcome you here on the island, Amy! I’m offering you an official invitation to the Riffa Views Coffee Morning next week – give me a call!

    1. I’m here on the island. Yaaaay!!! Email me about the coffee.

  4. What a lovely quote! Thanks for sharing.

    I can’t wait to read about your life in Bahrain because I know so little about it.

    – Amanda at

  5. Welome to Bahrain. I hope the experience so far has been kind 🙂

    Looking forward to read more of your insights and experiences.

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