Sold My Life

In 2014, my life was officially up for the taking. Everything was for sale: my house, my car, my stuff. Everything! All proceeds funded my dream to live, educate, and travel abroad.

A million thanks to my friends, family – especially my mom, and all the people I met selling my off my life. All have made my dream possible.

Kerryn Ellson – my real-estate agent, Thank you!!!! Your tireless effort and your ability to go above and beyond, no matter what, made it easy to sell. You are not only my agent you became my friend too!

BUY MY HOME – My home SOLD in June of 2014.
BUY MY LIFE – I sold 80% of my stuff. In Downsizing my life, I discovered that I don’t even need nor use half of the items that were in my 5 bedroom home.

I want to fill my life with experiences, not stuff!

Currently, I live in Bahrain and have traveled to over 26 countries in 3 years.

Would you sell your life for a new one? What would your new life look like? Dream Big!!!

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